Getting started with Functional Medicine

Welcome! My name is Dr Kim Lewis and I would be happy to help you on your journey to optimal health.

Usually I see Functional Medicine patients because they are tired of not knowing why they do not feel 100% and not knowing what to do about this problem. This is how functional Medicine works: Functional Medicine is not about taking a pill. Functional medicine is about digging until we find out what are the sources and triggers of your problems and addressing those problems at the root. It is a journey that we undertake together. Often times it is a trial and error process. There are many avenues of testing available that may shorten the time it takes to find the answers to these questions. You and I will decide together what is the best course of action for you.

Unnecessary testing and expensive supplements are not my goal. My goal is to get to the heart of the problem and work as close to that problem as possible for maximum effectiveness. Most of the time this involves identifying dietary , environmental and lifestyle triggers. After we identify these triggers we design a diet and lifestyle treatment protocol specifically for you based of the latest proven scientific research. I only charge for my time. I use only the highest grade proven nutraceutical products available at the best price to help with above mentioned health issues.

Unless previously agreed upon we see all new Functional Medicine patients in the office and after that we can discuss telemedicine appointments. Functional Medicine fee is $250/hour, testing and supplements agreed upon by both parties is not included in this. Functional Medicine is not covered by medical insurance. Your first appointment will last 2 hours.

If you have any questions, please call 540 250 4114

Please print and fill out this intake form in as much detail as possible include any current lab work you have from the last two years. You must complete your intake forms and submit them to our office prior to booking your first appointment.

Download the Intake Forms HERE

After completing your intake forms, e-mail them to, then call our office 540 250 4114 and we will book your appointment!

Dr Kimberly Lewis
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Yours in Health

Kimberly Lewis DC